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The West / BRD dry sump oiling systems have been used exclusively by West Race Cars USA & Australia since late 2008. In Australia we have over 16 cars using this system and our team cars have not have a single engine failure since adopting these systems. The build quality and design is the best on the market and fitting is very straight forward. The advantages of using the dry sump system are well known, increasing horsepower due to removing oil windage and, in race cars pulling lateral G's, a dry sump system is a necessity for reliability. Team West Australia averages two seasons between rebuilds which we put down to our quality engine building and dry sump system.

Forget the rest - Super Reliable West Air Shifter Kit for bike engined race cars.

We have learned from our experiences in house team cars and with our clients over four years that none of the electronic gear shifting systems available on the market offered any real reliability.


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WMA is the manufacturer of the West Sportsracer and the exclusive distributor for the RFR F1000 open wheeler from Ralph Firman Racing, UK. Find out more

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